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Brian Steinberger

I remember as a young boy being fascinated by how a camera could capture a moment in time and put in on to a paper print. When I got my first "real" camera, a 35mm Minolta SLR, at about 12 years old, I started to, continue to, and will always be learning my craft. My vision has grown out of my lifelong curiosity and passion for nature. Landscapes and scenics are nice, but I am also drawn to man-made objects and how they exist in the world with society and nature. Time is a constant, but I like to take my pieces from it for memory, documentation, and emotional purposes.

I prefer to have total control over the entire imaging process from the first sight of a potential subject to the presentation of the final print. Although I occasionally work with 35mm and large format cameras, almost all of my work is shot with medium format rangefinder cameras. Rangefinder cameras are quicker, lighter, and offer sharper optics compared to SLR cameras, and also work well for my style of seeing and shooting. I shoot black and white film and process myself. Prints from deserving negatives are then made on fiber base papers in my darkroom. Final prints are toned with one or any combination of selenium, sepia, and brown toners. All prints are archivally processed and will last well over a hundred years.

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